Spirit Gear *Flash* Sale

Get your HW pom-pom beanie in time for the snow, or a HW hoodie for yourself because you deserve a new one. Place your orders for spirit gear online by November 7th or send completed paper forms to school by November 5th. Check out additional items that are available on the website (but not posted on the forms due to limited quantities). For more information and to order:

Click here for the online order form: https://hazelwolfk8.ejoinme.org/SpiritGearFall2021

Click here for the paper order form:


Seattle School Board resolution on COVID Vaccination Access, Acceptance and support for Board of Health Mandate for Students 

November 1, 4pm, Families of Color Seattle, Christine Tang, Directors Hampson, Rivera-Smith

Microsoft Teams meeting

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+1 206-800-4125,,437588733#   United States, Seattle

Phone Conference ID: 437 588 733#

November 2, 6pm, Students of Color, Directors Hampson, Rankin, Rivera-Smith

Microsoft Teams meeting

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+1 206-800-4125,,966295686#   United States, Seattle

Phone Conference ID: 966 295 686#

This is a School Board led engagement on Resolution on State Board of Health Vaccine Mandate process. Staff are extremely busy setting up vaccine clinics (~48!) in the coming weeks. 

Description: Seattle School Board resolution on COVID Vaccination Access, Acceptance and support for Board of Health Mandate for Students 

Purpose: As significant disparities exist with respect to information, access and impact of COVID we are now, a month and a half in to the school year, seeing how those disparities impact our students in SPS. Seattle Public Schools has become the frontlines for Public Health management and, until such time as the virus is controlled with sufficient community immunity, expends precious educational resources on managing cases, quarantines and contact tracing and less time supporting students. Seattle Public Schools is considering a resolution that would ask the State Board of Health to being the evaluation process (the same process as every other vaccine mandated for school attendance). 

While vaccines are the most effective way to combat the disease and keep our students and staff safe, we also know the aforementioned disparities mean the impact of a prospective mandate for students would also create additional disparities. Before we vocalize our support, we would like to hear from community members what they believe we need to know, what they need to know from us and our partners and how SPS can best use its education and partnership resources to mitigate disparities. 

Prospective questions for attendees (completely open to changes with these): 
1 The state department of health mandates many vaccines for school attendance, once fully approved by the FDA, how do you feel about the state Department of Health potentially including approved COVID mandates? 
2 What has the impact of testing and quarantining been on your and/or your child’s school experience. 
3 What would be the impact of a vaccine mandate on your family? 
4 What role do trust and lack of information from trusted sources play in your feelings about vaccines for students? 
5 How has COVID impacted your relationship with SPS in general?k 
6 What could SPS do or collaborate with partners on that would support you and your family with respect to COVID and public and student health concerns in general? 

Important articles from edweek: https://www.edweek.org/leadership/fda-says-vaccine-benefits-outweigh-myocarditis-risks-here-are-the-facts/2021/10?utm_source=nl&utm_medium=eml&utm_campaign=eu&M=64189905&U=&UUID=adb1899dbfe10387c4fb8e942c884b6b

Ski Bus Info for 2021-2022

Hazel Wolf Ski Bus Information Packet 2021-2022
Ski Bus Information Night, Oct. 21, 2021: Recorded Zoom Meeting

2nd-8th grade Ski Lessons: Wednesdays
SSCS will be offering ski lessons 4:00pm-6:30pm at Summit Central.
6 Weeks: Wednesdays, Jan 12th-February 16th
– The price for six weeks of ski bus and lessons is $400, additional lift ticket/pass required.
– A “Bus only” option will be available for 5th -8th graders for $200.00.
– Wednesday lessons are SKI only. SSCS does not provide snow boarding lessons.
– Bus leaves around 2:30/2:45pm and returns between 8:00pm/8:30pm

For registration with SSCS: http://www.snowsportsconsultingservice.com/student-forms.html – see “Hazel Wolf”
For any questions, email Sarah Burris sarah8600 @hotmail.com

5th-8th Grade Middle School Ski Lessons/Free Ski: Fridays
Webb ski will be offering ski/snowboard lessons 6:00pm-7:15pm at Summit Central.
5 Weeks: Fridays, January 7th-February 4th
– The price for five weeks of ski bus and ski/snowboarding lessons is $436.00-additonal lift ticket/pass required.
– A “Bus only” option will be available for -$209.50
– Individual bus trips, if there is space available – $45.00 per trip
– Webb ski offers both ski and snowboarding lessons
– Bus leaves around 4:00pm and returns between 10:30pm/11:00pm
To register, email: info@webbski.com
For any questions, email Lorraine Lewis Phillips lorraine.lewis.phillips @comcast.net or Mr. Smith gmsmith1 @seattleschools.org

Bussing Suspended Starting Monday

Hi Wolfpack Families

Unfortunately, due to the labor shortage and vaccine mandate, Seattle Public Schools’ bus vendor does not have enough drivers to operate the busses for our general education students starting this Monday. They are doing their best to hire more drivers to reinstate the bus routes. You can read more from SPS here.

In the meantime, we need to work together to get our kids to school.

We need volunteers for these three jobs:

  1. Parents/guardians who can drive carpools
  2. Parents/guardians who can walk with kids to school
  3. Parents/guardians who can work as crossing guards and traffic control near school

If you can volunteer to help in any of these ways, please complete this Google Form.

If you need help getting your child(ren) to school, complete this Google Form to provide day, time and location information.

This should help us connect families who can work together and support each other.

Also remember that the Hall of Fame Team Camp (HOFTC) provides afterschool care for days when it’s difficult to get your child home. Scholarships are available. You can check out the options here: Hall of Fame Team Camp at Hazel Wolf K-8

Looking for other ways to connect with wolfpack families in your hood and coordinate driving? Some have had luck with this app. https://karpoolclub.com/ Subscribe to the Hazel Wolf School group.

Want to let someone know exactly how you feel? You can reach Governor Inslee here. If his office is flooded with requests it may help move them to bring in the National Guard to get the kids to school. It’s not just for your kid(s) sake but for all the kids who don’t have other options.  

We’re sorry this is hard and frustrating. We’re right here with you and know that if we pull together we can get all these kids to school. We GOT this wolfpack!