Legislative Update: Two USDA Programs Help Kids Get Food Through Summer

Earlier this month the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced a nationwide extension of a program that has been helping to feed families. Local partners – such as schools and nonprofit organizations – have been serving meals to kids during coronavirus school closures. These partners will be able to continue serving free meals to all children through August 31. This extension is for a waiver of  area eligibility, allowing all children in all areas to receive free meals. Typically, USDA-funded summer meals sites are only for low-income areas. The nearest location to Hazel Wolf with this service is Olympic Hills elementary school at 13018 20th Ave NE.

In addition, a new USDA program called Pandemic-EBT provides food-purchasing benefits, equal to the value of school meals, to households with children who would qualify for free or reduced-price meals at school based on household income. To see if this can help your family, call the Lake City customer service center at 206-684-7526 or visit https://www.dshs.wa.gov/esa/community-services-offices/basic-food

Families can also use Meals for Kids, an interactive finder with more than 60,000 sites to find free meals for children in their area.

Today at 5pm – Hazel Wolf Community Gathering – Support Black Lives

Hazel Wolf PTSA Racial Equity Committee invites our school community to join together to stand united in support of all Black lives and against racial injustice.

When: Friday, June 12 at 5pm

Gathering at two locations: Hazel Wolf K-8 School AND Lake City Way at 125th St. (SE Corner near Chase Bank)

Come rain or shine. Bring your Black Lives Matter signs. We’ll be practicing social distancing, so bring a mask if you have one. Any questions, please contact Zoe at communityoutreach@hazelwolfk8.org  

HW Black Lives Matter Sign Making – Fri. June 12, 10:30-11:30am

Hey Wolfpack! Let’s get together to make Black Lives Matter signs. We’ll provide the sign making supplies. You can make a sign for the Judkins Park Black Lives Matter March, your home OR your neighborhood.

When: TOMORROW, Friday, June 12
Two locations: Hazel Wolf K-8 School AND Lake City Public Library
Time: 10:30-11:30am

Come rain or shine! We’ll be practicing social distancing. Please bring a mask if you have one. Honor Pantry donations (food items or cleaning supplies) are welcome.

Please encourage friends to join and spread the word! For questions, please contact Zoe, communityoutreach@hazelwolfk8.org

Hazel Wolf K-8 PTSA announces 2020-21 Board Members

Thank you to all who were able to attend our Spring General Session on April 28, where we approved an initial budget and elected executive officers for the 2020-21 school year. Because nothing goes according to plan this year, we had a change to the Co-Presidents since then. The board’s intention is to appoint them over the summer and hold another election during the Fall General Session. Congratulations to the members of our 2020-21 Board! They are:

Co-President (to be appointed): Marina Gray
Co-President (to be appointed): Camille Mulchi
Secretary: Jenny Wilson
Co-Treasurer: Sarah Burris
Co-Treasurer: Chris Johnson
VP Operations: Christa Kleiner
VP School Community: Rebakah Minarchek
Co-Marketing & Comms: Rachel Hoover
Co-Marketing & Comms: Ann Shim Lipscomb
Fundraising Coordinator: Kelli Charboneau
Community Outreach: Zoe Leverson
Membership: Stephanie Nishar
Family Support: Tracy Buckingham
Social Events: Sabra Hall Warren
Staff Support: Traci McCallick
Special Funds: Kevin See
Staff Representative (non-voting): Corinne Grandbois

To our outgoing board members, we thank you for your time and service to the PTSA and the Hazel Wolf K-8 Community! Kelly McIntyre, Shannon Warner, Nimi Joshi, Rachel Lipsky, Elaine Walters, Eva Wright – THANK YOU! To our outgoing auction committee leads, we thank you for all your effort as well, especially this year! Tabitha Burns, Sabrina Howell, Erika Krebs, and Jennifer Colaner – THANK YOU!

Open Positions include: E-STEM Coordinator, Legislative Coordinator, Homeroom Rep/Staff Appreciation Coordinator, Student Enrichment Coordinator, and Board Advisor (non-voting). We also need online auction leads for next year! Descriptions of board roles can be found here: https://hazelwolfk8.org/ptsa-board-job-descriptions. Contact one of the above board members, or Adrienne Kortas at president@hazelwolfk8.org, if you’re interested in learning more.

Family Support Update – June 9

The Family Support Team has been diligently working on distributing donated masks and items to families and the Honor Pantry. We are still searching for a used electric clothes dryer, if you happen to have one or see one available, and a 20″ BMX bike.

We received some amazing donations this past week — 21 produce boxes from a farm in Woodinville, as well as fifteen 20# bags of potatoes and six 50# bags of onions. They have been delivered to families along with some of the masks. Additionally, we have picked up and delivered food from Food Lifeline, which has included some dairy, meat, other protein, pantry items and produce.

Biggest needs at the Honor Pantry: toilet paper, dish soap and hand sanitizer. We still have the Amazon Wish posted and updated. You can also shop locally and drop it off at a volunteer’s house (email familysupport@hazelwolfk8.org for an address) or you can order from somewhere else and have it delivered to a volunteer. The COVID-19 relief fund is also still open. Many ways to donate! While the school year will be ending soon, please know that the needs aren’t ending.

You can always find the latest Family Support info on the Family Support section on the PTSA blog.

A special THANK YOU to all of the people volunteering to deliver. Families are very grateful and repeatedly thanking us for all the food and supplies they have received. We are an amazing community! Thank you for being a part of us.

Hazel Wolf K-8 PTSA Statement on Racial Inequities and Injustice

The deaths of George Floyd and too many others weigh heavily on all of us, including the PTSA
at Hazel Wolf. We are also in the midst of a pandemic crisis that is also impacting our
vulnerable communities disproportionately during this time. This is a time to pause, to listen,
to contemplate, and – most importantly – to stand up and take action.

Generally, the work of the PTSA is not controversial: it’s about fundraising to support tutoring,
playground equipment, overnight camping trips, and pancake breakfasts. We are proud at
Hazel Wolf to have funded grants for art, music, PE, and engineering; to have helped with the
Read-A-Thon and Back to School Nights; to have held annual auctions and restaurant nights. All
of this work, which involves hundreds of hours and dozens of volunteers, is directed to
enhancing the quality of life for students and teachers, as well as to providing valuable
community building.

Sometimes, we are called to step up our efforts at community building in more complex ways.
The Hazel Wolf PTSA last year decided that “increasing awareness of racial equity” would be
our primary area of focus for the 2019-2020 school year. We publicly declared that we would
focus on making decisions using a racial equity lens, by listening to students and parents of
color and by offering community, staff, parent, and student education opportunities. We meant
it, even as we acknowledge that the focus, if it is to be meaningful, requires stepping out of
traditional comfort zones, and taking actions as well as saying words.

Last October, the students of Hazel Wolf K-8 E-STEM School in north Seattle held a peaceful
protest. The students, supported by the PTSA’s Racial Equity Committee (REC), were protesting
the use of the N-word and other racial slurs at school, and asking for accountability around
what happens to those who use the slurs. Our principal, Ms. Nelsen, and other administrators,
teachers, and staff, as well as dozens of family members and siblings, listened to and cheered
for the students who spoke out. The peaceful protest lasted about 15 minutes in front of the
school and received some coverage in Seattle media.

The protest and the coverage evoked a lot of emotions. There was shock that racist incidents
happened at Hazel Wolf. There was dismay that the protest was mentioned in the news. For
some, the students’ descriptions of racist incidents were a wakeup call. For others, it was
nothing new. The recent murder of George Floyd, one in a tragic series of similar events, has
brought great grief to our community. As parents and as PTSA members, we work hard for the
betterment and safety of our beloved children.

Among 46-year-old George Floyd’s words while dying were a call for his deceased mother, a
wrenching reminder of the bond of family that we all share. We also know he leaves behind a 6-
year-old daughter who has lost her father in a public, painful way.

George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery are all names in the news these days due to
racist violence—they are also folks like us with moms and dads and children. The recent
protests not only here in Seattle but across the country and the world have reminded us in
daunting ways of the work to be done to heal our community from the trauma of racism. As
happened after our peaceful October protest, the recent deaths and reactions are shocking to
some, old news to others.

We know that a PTSA cannot solve these problems. We at Hazel Wolf also know that we cannot
look aside. We cannot shrug our shoulders. We will continue to do the work we have done
successfully in the past: supporting the needs of our teachers and students, through the
traditional and valuable events and grants. More than that, though, we will take seriously our
responsibility to create equity for our black students, our immigrant students, our students of
color. We will continue to support Black Lives Matter at School and Black History Month, as we
have done every February. We have also offered to support professional development for our
teachers (who, as is true at most schools, are predominantly white) around racial equity
trainings. We will support efforts to bring in more black and other teachers of color, who are
role models for all our students. We will fund our Family Support programs, which provide food
and other supplies to our low-income families. We will recognize that many of our low-income
families are families of color, due to the systemic and entrenched history of racism that has
created tremendous disparities in health care, education, employment, and more.

The REC has created an online Community of Practice for white women to focus on anti-racism
work. The REC is also offering an online Community Gathering and Healing Space for black
parents and caregivers. As we learned from Erin Jones, our guest speaker at the January
General Session, we have so much more in common and we must continue to make progress as
a united front – with authenticity and appreciation for each other as human beings. We, as the
REC and PTSA, are grateful for the way our whole school community has not just talked (though
talking is important) but is also walking the difficult path toward racial justice.


The Hazel Wolf K-8 PTSA Board and Racial Equity Committee

Honor Pantry Update – May 20

Please take what you need and leave what you can! Thank you all for your continued support of the honor pantry at the school building. Drop off items at the front of the school at any time.

The fastest moving and most requested items at the pantry are:

  • personal hygiene items: such as hand soap*, shampoo (Suave, Pantene), toothpaste, diapers, toilet paper*, hand sanitizer, tampons and pads
  • cleaning supplies*: such as bleach, disinfecting wipes, laundry detergent, dish soap and paper towels

    *Please note: Since many of these items have limits on purchases at stores, we appreciate those who can pick up an extra when they shop and donate to the pantry. Many families have limited transportation and therefore do not have the ability to shop around to track down hard to find essentials in stock.

Families are also appreciating fun games, activities and arts & crafts sets.

Additionally you can contribute to the pantry through an updated Amazon Wishlist.

If your family could use help with supplemental grocery delivery, or if you’d like to be added to our list of drivers, you can email Tracy Buckingham at: familysupport@hazelwolfk8.org.