Racial Equity Committee parent group at Hazel Wolf K-8

VISION: Racial Equity for Black, Indigenous and People of Color who are students, families and staff at Hazel Wolf.

MISSION: The mission of the parent PTSA Racial Equity Committee (REC) at Hazel Wolf K-8 is to create and support a welcoming and brave space where Black, Indigenous, People of Color who are students and families are heard, validated, and seen as leaders in the school community by collaborating with the school administration, educators, and staff. We acknowledge that systems and practices used in schools and our society have been harmful to our Black, Indigenous, People of Color who are students, families, and staff.

VALUES: The parent REC is committed to:
● Advocating for students’ voices and needs by promoting anti-racist practices. We acknowledge the significance of this is integral in uplifting students’ academically and psychologically.
● Keeping school (admin, staff, RET) and family groups (including PTSA, REC, FET, etc.) accountable for utilizing anti-racist practices. We acknowledge that accountability moves us towards change of systems, procedures, and practices.
● Actively engaging in equitable practices to support anti-racist actions. We acknowledge there is dichotomy of being either anti-racist or racist.
● Building and bridging relationships within our community AND calling out racially harmful practices. We acknowledge that relationships are built on trust and truth.

WHO WE ARE: We are a volunteer committee of mostly BIPOC Hazel Wolf parents and family members committed to doing the work to advance racial equity in the Hazel Wolf community. We typically meet every other week on Tuesday evenings.

If you are Black, Indigineous, and/or a Person of Color interested in joining us please email us at: ptsa_rec@hazelwolfk8.org

If you are a White person interested in getting more involved in racial equity work please consider joining one of our Community of Practices.

The REC began working together during the 2018-19 school-year. Here is just an example of some of the work we’ve done:

  • Fundraised and purchased more diverse books for the school
  • Supported Black Lives Matter events at school
  • Held student t-shirt design contest and made Black Lives Matter at Hazel Wolf spirit wear
  • Organized a powerful Roundtable on Racism, where students of color (and some REC members) talked about their real life experiences
  • Started Communities of Practice groups for anti-racist white folx
  • Worked in collaboration with Hazel Wolf PTSA to host virtual learning opportunities for both students, staff and families.
  • Implemented virtual cafes and listening sessions to help connect and facilitate conversations between families of color and school administration.
  • Supported and worked in collaboration with the Staff and Student Racial Equity Teams, especially around building foundations for student affinity groups

 The PTSA has been generous in its support of the work of the REC. We plan to continue to support student affinity groups, continue the REC Discussion Groups, host some speakers and trainings, continue to support Black Lives Matter at School, and more.

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