Volunteer Opportunties

Are you looking to be more involved but not sure how?

Hazel Wolf K-8 PTSA wants to make sure every community member knows how to get involved and feels welcome. There are volunteer roles with varying lengths of commitment and different locations (can be done at home or at school). If you don’t see something that fits, let us know what skills you’d like to share. Contact us at info@hazelwolfk8.org.

We are looking for two drivers and a few packers to help pack bags on Thursdays.
Drivers pick up food at the University Food Bank on Thursdays around 1:45pm and deliver to the school by 2:30pm for the backpacks to be packed. Driver can stay to help pack or can just drop off at school.
Bag packers are ‘on call’ and emailed each week. Then you can respond if available and willing to help that Thursday. The backpack packers meet at school at 2:30pm and are done by pickup time. It’s a wonderful way to support our community. Please email if interested: familysupport@hazelwolfk8.org

MS SNACK COORDINATOR: This volunteer will coordinate with the MS counselor to make sure MS students have snacks, to fulfill any other teacher snack requests and when supplies are low, to email requests for more snacks.

GAME NIGHT VOLUNTEERS: We are recruiting 4-5 volunteers to help set up and clean up during Game Night on Thursday, January 30, 6:00-7:30pm. Please sign up here.

SUPPORT FOR ELL ENROLLMENT NIGHT: This year’s ELL Enrollment Night will take place on Thursday, Feb. 6th from 5:30-7:30pm in the Hazel Wolf Library. Interpreters and admissions staff will be available to help ELL families register for the 2019-2020 school year and complete choice forms. We need some wonderful volunteers to make this event happen and there are many ways to help out! Sign up to distribute flyers, donate refreshments or help with childcare.

COORDINATOR FOR SCHOOL TOURS: We are looking for a volunteer to team with an experienced School Tour Coordinator (Zoe Leverson). Collaborate with Ms. Nelsen to update informational paperwork. Recruit and coordinate volunteer tour guides. Direct tour guides for 3 tours: Tues. Feb. 11 at 9:45-11:15am, 6-7pm and Weds. Feb. 12 at 9:45-11:15am. Coordinator and guides will be provided with: a script of common questions, a map of the school and additional school information. Administration and school staff will be available for specific questions. Please contact Zoe at communityoutreach@hazelwolfk8.org.

LANGUAGE VOLUNTEERS: We are looking for people who are interested in using their gift of language(s) to help welcome ELL families! Please help us in better supporting and including all of our families in our awesome events and programs! If you or someone you know would be interested in inviting families to Hazel Wolf events and also attending the events to be available to chat, please contact Elaine at homeroomrep@hazelwolfk8.org.

LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Do you have an interest in State and District policy issues affecting our school community? We are looking for folks that can help track issues, share updates and meet to develop some priorities and ideas. With enough interest, the committee has potential to organize a trip for students to attend Lobby Day in Olympia this year. Time commitment is 1-2 hour per month. Please contact Rachel at legislative@hazelwolfk8.org

SMALL FUNDRAISING LEAD: Getting the Wolf Pack together for a good cause by coordinating community fundraisers (e.g. dine-out nights) throughout the school year. If you are interested or have questions about this role, please contact Kelli at fundraising@hazelwolfk8.org.

BOX TOPS FUNDRAISING LEAD: We have two parents who have been volunteering for this job and they are stepping down after this year, so it would be great to get a new volunteer to train with them and to get up to speed on how this program works. This a great job for someone to work on from home with minimal time commitment to directly help our PTSA raise money. If you are interested or have questions about this role, please contact Kelli at fundraising@hazelwolfk8.org.

RECYCLING LEAD: Help save the planet and support our school by taking the lead for our on-going recycling programs (e.g., markers, batteries, corks). This role might also support the E-STEM Coordinator by helping to coordinate other one-time recycling events as needed. Contact Shannon Warner at estem@hazelwolfk8.org if you are interested or have questions.

The Auction Committee is looking for people to fill some critical roles to help make the 2020 auction run smoothly and be a success!

There is information available for how do easily do all of these jobs, as well as people around who have done these jobs before. Contact the Auction Committee at auctioncommittee@hazelwolfk8.org if you are interested.

EVENT CO-LEAD: Work with Event Lead to oversee all aspects of the auction event including budget, facilities, layout, tech, food & drink, decorations, rentals, and volunteers. Ideally this person will assist the current Event Lead to take over the job next year. Time commitment: Intermittently year-round, but busiest the week of and night of the auction.

PROCUREMENT CO-LEAD: Work with Procurement Lead to oversee all aspects of item procurement including coordinating  the volunteers responsible for obtaining experiences/parties from teachers & parents, class projects, all physical item donation, data entry, dessert dash, pricing & ordering items, creating all materials for the live and silent auction displays, working with the games leads and working with the auctioneer.  Ideally this person will assist the current Event Lead to take over the job next year.
Time commitment: Intermittently year-round, a couple hours per week Fall/Winter, busiest the 3-4 weeks prior to the auction.  Some work needed night of the auction.

FULFILLMENT & RECONCILIATION CO-LEAD: Work with the Fulfillment & Reconciliation Lead to oversee registration, check-in, checkout and reconciliation, admin tech and other administrative issues. Time commitment: intermittently year-round, busiest night of the auction and the week or two after the auction.

PARTY COORDINATOR: Coordinates all the experiences donated by parents & teachers to ensure memorable experience are created to be enjoyed by parents and/or kids. Time commitment: a couple hours per week early winter. Completed 3-weeks before the auction. Not needed night of the auction. Time commitment: A couple hours per week early to mid-winter. Completed 3-weeks before the auction. Not needed night of the auction.

ADVERTISING/SPONSORSHIP SALES: Sell catalog advertising space and sponsorship slots for the night of the auction. Time commitment: a couple hours per week the 2-4 months prior to the auction.  Not needed night of the auction.

COMMUNITY PROCUREMENT LEAD: Oversees procurement committee and focuses on increasing value and volume of donated items to the auction. Time commitment: A couple hours per week Fall/early winter. Completed 3-weeks before the auction. Not needed night of the auction.

CATALOG LEAD: Works with procurement lead, description writers, advertising lead and others to produce catalog for event. Time commitment: A few hours a week or two before the auction. Not needed night of the auction.

WINE LEAD: In charge of all aspects of the donated table wine at the auction including collection, pricing, packaging, and table management. Time commitment: A couple hours per week 3-4 weeks prior to the auction, set up night-of the auction.

PACKAGE COORDINATOR: Work with Procurement lead & item curator to package donated items into packages for the silent & live auction, create and print silent & live auction displays for each item, create bid sheets and prepare them to go to printer for 2-part printing. Time commitment: A few hours per week for 3-4 weeks prior to the auction, some set up night of the auction.

RAFFLE LEAD: Work with exec team to determine raffle games, file proper gambling commission paperwork, track ticket sales, and manage raffle seller volunteers.
Time commitment: A couple hours total 3-4 weeks prior to the auction, set up night-and be available of the auction until after the raffles are over.  A couple hours total after the auction.

Volunteer Requirements

See the district page to download documents, the volunteer handbook, and other requirements that need to be completed before you can volunteer in the classroom or as a chaperone.