Design Your Own Staff Experience Raffle Prize!

We have a new raffle prize for direct appeal donation!

Make a donation to support Hazel Wolf’s important programs and be entered to win a special raffle prize – your child and a few friends can choose an experience for the staff raffle team to complete. This could mean that your child can teach the staff a new Tik Tok dance, have a free throw contest, hit them with a pie in the face, or come up with some other fun experience. We’ve currently raised $41,000 or 55% of our goal with less than two weeks to go. It’s time to step up, make a donation of any amount by sending a check to school (payable to “Hazel Wolf K-8”) or donate online here: To find out more information about how Direct Appeal Donations will be spent visit: Special thanks to our corporate sponsors: Amrit Burn Orthodontics, Emerald Center for Integrative Medicine, Little Fish Swim School, North Seattle Orthodontics and Roosevelt Vision.