What is it: A fundraiser without selling anything. Instead, we will promote our school’s goal of a love for reading.

Who: all Hazel Wolf K-8 students

How it works:

  • Look for a packet in Kidmail with all the details (the Rules, a Sponsorship form, and a minute recording sheet).
  • Your student will set a daily “minutes read” goal and ask people to sponsor them by pledging (for their reading goal or a flat donation). Relatives, neighbors, and friends make great sponsors!
  • Kids read, read, read (and record minutes) November 13 to 26. Students and classes will be winning great prizes for the most minutes read, so read as much as possible!
  • Your student will add up their minutes, collect any outstanding pledge money from the sponsors and bring the collected money to school. Donations and minute recording sheets received by December 1 will qualify for prizes.
  • Not a reader yet? That’s OK. Reading or being read to count too. Read to yourself, a parent, a friend, a sibling, a stuffed animal, or a pet. Get everyone in on the fun and get reading!

What we ask of parents:

  • Please initial your student’s recorded time each day.
  • Encourage your student to read, read, and read (and read to them).
  • Review the rules with your students so that he/she knows what kind of reading minutes count. (Homework reading counts! Reading during class time does not!)
  • Remind your kids to track their reading every day! Missed the first day? Don’t worry, it’s OK to start late!
  • We will send reminders, so please relax, talk to your student about the Read-A-Thon and most importantly help your student have fun reading!

Key Dates:

  • November 8 – Start collecting sponsor pledges/donations.
  • November 13 – Start reading!
  • November 26 – Last day of Read-A-Thon.
  • December 1 – Turn all funds and paperwork in to the Library.

You can make Read-A-Thon contributions online at: