Send thanks and well wishes to Middle School Staff

Middle School Students: 

Hey Wolf Pack, we would love to join together and send the middle school staff gratitude and festive wishes before winter break. We know you have the skills to make your teachers smile and laugh and feel your gratitude. 

Here are two cool ways we are offering to flood your teachers with your awesomeness expressed in the form of happy thoughts. 

1) Virtual Well Wishes – You can upload your video of gratitude and holiday good tidings by Friday Dec 18th. Each of your videos will be combined and then sent to the staff to enjoy. Please feel free to speak in your native language, send well wishes in a manner that most resonates with your cultural traditions, read a poem, sing or play a quick jingle, dress in your favorite winter or holiday gear, or simply say thank you and show your gorgeous smile.  They would love to hear what you are grateful for, be creative and have fun. We all need reasons to smile and laugh! We know online learning is not easy, but I’m sure you have a teacher who has done something to make learning a tad bit easier. Feel free to shout them out and send appreciation their way. It’s the best gift they could receive. 

6th grade virtual well wishes

7th grade virtual well wishes

8th grade virtual well wishes

2) You may drop cards, yummy treats or gifts at the school during office hours. Mon-Fri 9:00-3:00. Cards can be left in the library book return box at anytime.  Please assure you are masked and symptom free before arriving at the school. You will ring the buzzer and then leave them in the breezeway and office staff will come and grab them. As a reminder students and families are not permitted in the school building. 

3- Monetary contribution – We will collate all the funds and divide them between the entire staff.  We will choose a local shop based on what makes most sense for the value of each gift certificate which will be evenly divided. Every family has a different level of comfort with monetary gifts. Please only contribute if this is a form of gift giving your family iconnects with. If you are comfortable with this form of gift giving please remember that small amounts from $2-5 are appreciated. We do not place any judgement on the amount of the gift. It’s all seen as a gift of love and gratitude. Only give what you’re comfortable with. Monetary gifts may be sent to:Venmo: @christak last four digits of phone number 2497 Checks or cash: Christa Kleiner 11556 23rd Ave NE Seattle WA 98125 

Thanks a billion for helping spread joy and gratitude. Super grateful to each one of you for participating in this fun and festive video. 

Middle School Staff Appreciation parents (Christa, Kara, Michelle, Tracy, Kelly and Zoe) – Send any questions to: