2021 Read-a-Thon Results & Winners

Congratulations, Read-A-Thon Readers! We had 190 participants, over 135,000 minutes were read (2250 hours) and $19,5000 was raised for our PTSA. We’re so proud of all of you! Thank you for participating! 

Wild Waves Admission:

K-5: Naima Maidadi

Middle School: Khemmanat Langdee

Top Fundraisers per grade:

Kindergarten: Amelie Lim, $520

First: Lila Okada, $801

Second: Kora Charboneau, $551 

Third: Eliana Kaneko, $475

Fourth: Adeline Okada, $801

Fifth: Charlie Lipscomb, $451

Sixth: William Bowen, $91

Seventh: Delanie Gilda, $389

Eighth: Olive Kyo Schwyhart, $0

Honorary Librarian Winners:

Kinder: Rohan Agarwal

First: Ella Fernandez

Second: Price Shaw

Third: Fiona Matsumoto

Fourth: Nicholas Kwan

Fifth: Elyse Lowery