Discover innovative products for a healthy home & earn money for Hazel Wolf K-8

The dual mission of MightyNest is to help families create healthy homes AND raise money for each customer’s school. Every product they sell, including reusable lunch gear, body care, cleaning supplies, kitchenwares and more, was handpicked to help families live healthy lives and 15% of every purchase is donated to Hazel Wolf K-8.

The MightyFix is the best way to get started with MightyNest and earn money for your school. For $10/month MightyNest will send you one product each month that helps your family live healthier. The product is always worth more than $10 retail, ships free and you get free shipping on any of their over 2,000 products each month when you ship them with your MightyFix. Subscribers also have access to member only deals AND 15% back to Hazel Wolf K-8.

Extra bonus: For a limited time get 70% off your first month when you sign up for the MightyFix. Use code MIGHTY7 at checkout.

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