Join Next Year’s PTSA Board

A strong PTSA is important to ensure our Hazel Wolf school community can remain engaged and thrive. Now is when our community needs to come together and find volunteers to serve on our PTSA Executive Board and General Board for the upcoming school year.

Board positions open for the 2021-22 school year:

* Executive Board:
– Co-Treasurers (2 1 of 2 positions open):
– Co-VP:

* General Board:
– E-STEM Coordinator:
– Fundraising Coordinator:  
– Homeroom Rep Coordinator:
– Marketing & Communications Co-Coordinator (1 of 2 positions open):
– Membership Coordinator:
– Social Events Coordinator:
– Special Fund Coordinator:
– Student Enrichment Coordinator:

Check out the board job descriptions

All current position holders are available to help with transition and questions. If you’d like to learn more, please send a message to the email contacts listed above for each position. We are speaking with interested candidates now. Then ideally we will vote on new Executive Board members at our next PTSA General Session Meeting on June 2nd. For general questions, please contact our co-presidents: Camille & Marina at