Family Support & Community Outreach presentation: making an impact and supporting our HW community

Zoe Leverson and Tracy Buckingham, Hazel Wolf PTSA board volunteers, have been leading the Community Outreach and Family Support team efforts for our Hazel Wolf school community. They presented at the General Session Meeting on Wedsnesday, October 14th and shared all about the team’s work since March 2020 and the meaningful impact that has been made. Thank you Tracy, Zoe, volunteer organizers and drivers– and to our Hazel Wolf community for your continuing support during this time. Below is the presentation, common questions and answers and how anyone can help!

Questions & Answers:

Question: If I go to a Seattle School food site for food, would I be taking free school lunches from someone who needs them if I go?

Answer: School lunches are for everyone. In fact, if they are not used enough, sites could be shut down. They also have breakfast and dinners. So please visit them so they don’t get shut down (this is coming from the people working at these places). You can get as many as you want, including doing pickup for the whole week on one day. You might also see friends or other Hazel Wolf families at pick up sites. I know I have and it’s been great to see people!

Question: What kind of support are you doing? How do you know if people use or want it?

Answer: We have families fill out weekly Google forms with a list of things available, including household item list, food, produce/pantry boxes from Food Lifeline, produce boxes from Farmer Frog in Woodinville and SPS meals/lunches and backpacks. Every week what is available changes and programs are subject to change at any time. We used to get produce from Food Lifeline but since we are in a different phase, the contracts have changed and they are now pantry boxes. Not all of our families use canned goods, so this is less helpful for us. We have been going to Farmer Frog once a week now for food boxes. Families receive a customized order based on what they need.

Question: How do you deliver? Do you social distance? What if families are busy at that time?

Answer: We follow social distancing and wear masks. Most families are available for delivery but some prefer to pick up. We also have some drivers that deliver at later times, when it works best for the family. There are always options if families can’t do those times. Please check the data of our families!

Question: How can I help?

Answer: We have a Target wish list and we always need Kirkland paper towels & Marathon toilet paper from Costco because it’s individually wrapped and still limited to one per checkout. The Target Wish list will ship directly to Tracy’s house (it will show up during checkout). You are also welcome to look at the Target wish list and then shop locally. Donating many of one single item is more helpful than a bag of different items because we do weekly forms for what is available and only list an item when we have enough to offer it to many families.

Also, we just started the Coat Drive this year and check out the Facebook post and PTSA communications being sent out to donate a coat. It looks different this year. We have a wish list at Target and you buy a coat and during checkout it ships to one of the people running the coat drive. Then the coat will be delivered to a family through the Family Support delivery system. The coats range from $20-$52. Thanks to Tracy Moran & Kelly Martineau for organizing the drive.

Please email for more info about family support or to get donate & drop off information.

Presented October 14, 2020 by:
Tracy Buckingham, Family Support
Zoe Leverson, Community Outreach