PTSA Summer Update – June 22

While the school year is officially over, there is still much happening this summer during this unprecedented time. So we’ll be sending out a PTSA summer update at the beginning of each week. This week we have updates from REC and the Family Support Team:


Hazel Wolf Community of Practice for White Men/Those who identify as white men: We are creating an online Community of Practice (CP) for white men affiliated with HW. The focus will be anti-racism work. The goal of a CP is to create a community of people who want to focus on a subject, to learn from each other, and to be accountable to the others in the group. It is meant to be safe, challenging, and engaged. We are starting this CP for white men in response to interest from men following formation of the CP for white women.

Each meeting will have a facilitator, who will send out the general topic, and any (brief!) readings. The facilitator will loosely guide the discussion, encouraging everyone to speak and to listen. The facilitator will keep an eye on the time, and draw the meeting to a close in a positive way, noting any major themes and letting participants know about the take-home ideas or actions, as well as the time and focus of the next meeting time.

Possible focus subjects are the following:
– What does it mean to be white?
– How can parents/fathers best talk with their kids about racism and racist events?
– What actions can we take as white men, beyond reading books, especially if we don’t know any BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color)?
– How do we as white men talk with white family or friends who have racist views, who “don’t see color,” who say “all lives matter”?

If you are interested in attending, email We will send you the Zoom link and any other info needed.

We will begin next week, Tuesday, June 23rd at 8:00 pm, then decide on the schedule going forward (every other week, for example). Going into the summer, in these unprecedented times, we expect that folks will miss some sessions, but hope that folks will participate with consistency. We are not looking for perfection. We are looking for engagement, discussion, deep listening, and accountability. Any questions?

Hazel Wolf Community of Practice for White Women continues this Sunday 4:00-5:00pm. A couple weeks ago, we introduced an online Community of Practice (CP) for white women affiliated with Hazel Wolf, and it has been very well attended with more than 40 participants. The goal of a CP is to create a community of people who want to focus on anti-racism and related subjects, learn from each other, and be accountable to the others in the group. It is meant to be safe, challenging, and engaging. We will continue to meet weekly for one hour each Sunday in June from 4:00-5:00pm. We will then decide if we continue on a weekly basis or switch to a different schedule (every other week, for example). For meeting details, contact Maureen McCauley at

Please check out the REC section on the PTSA blog to learn more about the formation of these CPs.


Thank you to our incredible community for your continued support of the Honor Pantry at the school building. The most needed items at the pantry are personal hygiene and cleaning items– laundry detergent, shampoo (Pantene or Suave), hand soap (Dove), dish soap (sink), dish washing detergent (dish washer), bleach, and baby wipes. Additionally: puzzles, books (kids and adults), art supplies, games, and playing cards.

Non-perishable food items and long-lasting fresh produce are always welcome. Shoe and clothing donations are not needed at this time. Also, we are trying to find a working lawn mower for a family. If you, or someone you know, are ready to pass one on, please let us know.

There are many ways to donate:
1) Drop off items at the Honor Pantry at the front of the school at any time.
2) Drop off items at a volunteer’s house (email for address).
3) Order from our updated Amazon wishlist.
4) Order from your store of choice and ship to a volunteer’s house.
5) Donate to the COVID-19 Relief Fund that is open for donations.

If your family could use help with supplemental grocery delivery, or if you’d like to be added to our list of volunteer drivers, you can email Tracy Buckingham at:

Volunteers to check on pantry: We hope to have a volunteer check on the school pantry every day this summer to take general inventory, keep it tidy and make sure grains and produce are in bins away from critters. Please consider signing up for some days here on this Signup Genius.

Introducing the Hazel Wolf Lake City Pantry! We are opening a second pantry to support families who live in the Lake City area. Items will be stored in the Build Lake City Together office on Lake City Way. This will be different than the Hazel Wolf school pantry, as items will not be out in public for families to pick up at any time. Families will need to contact the Family Support Team to pick up items there.
Hazel Wolf Lake City Pantry location:
Build Lake City Together office
12544 Lake City Way NE, 98125

  • Drop off items for donation: Monday and Tuesday, 11am-1pm
  • Pick up items: Contact Tracy Buckingham or Zoe Leverson to set up a time for pick up. The Family Support Team will continue to send out pictures of items available on a weekly basis.  Families can then contact Tracy or Zoe about the items they need and those items can be picked or delivered.

Does your family or student need help meeting your basic needs? Such as needs for your student to learn and play or needs for your family to remain healthy? Principal Nelsen has access to a limited fund to help support our families. To request support please fill out this form. *NOTE: While we will do our best to connect students and families with resources available, we do not make any promises to fulfill these needs directly. Any information will only go to the Family Support Team.

Updated list of immediate support resources for Hazel Wolf families: Available in Amharic, Tigrinya and Spanish. Please share with anyone you know that might find this useful:

COVID Relief Fund still open for donations: Funds to support Hazel Wolf families are made available through the donor-supported COVID Relief Fund. Thank you to everyone that has been able to contribute to this fund at the auction. This fund is going to remain open for donations. If you’d like to make a donation to the fund to help support families during this time, you can make a donation here.

Bike donations: If you happen to be upgrading your child’s bike over the summer and it is in rideable condition, please considering donating it. We are happy to try to find someone who could use one and help get more kids safely active outside this summer. Please email Tracy at (If you have a bike that needs repairs, please consider donating to a non-profit like BikeWorks.)

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