Family Support Update – June 9

The Family Support Team has been diligently working on distributing donated masks and items to families and the Honor Pantry. We are still searching for a used electric clothes dryer, if you happen to have one or see one available, and a 20″ BMX bike.

We received some amazing donations this past week — 21 produce boxes from a farm in Woodinville, as well as fifteen 20# bags of potatoes and six 50# bags of onions. They have been delivered to families along with some of the masks. Additionally, we have picked up and delivered food from Food Lifeline, which has included some dairy, meat, other protein, pantry items and produce.

Biggest needs at the Honor Pantry: toilet paper, dish soap and hand sanitizer. We still have the Amazon Wish posted and updated. You can also shop locally and drop it off at a volunteer’s house (email for an address) or you can order from somewhere else and have it delivered to a volunteer. The COVID-19 relief fund is also still open. Many ways to donate! While the school year will be ending soon, please know that the needs aren’t ending.

You can always find the latest Family Support info on the Family Support section on the PTSA blog.

A special THANK YOU to all of the people volunteering to deliver. Families are very grateful and repeatedly thanking us for all the food and supplies they have received. We are an amazing community! Thank you for being a part of us.

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