How does HW PTSA Support E-STEM Programs? Featuring Mr. Fogarty

Mr. Fogarty, Hazel Wolf E-STEM Coordinator

Mr. Fogarty, Hazel Wolf E-STEM Coordinator, thanks the PTSA and shares the significant ways funding from the PTSA supports his E-STEM role and the E-STEM programs at Hazel Wolf:

  • Outdoor education scholarships: Reducing financial barriers so all students can attend outdoor education field trips, such as NatureBridge, Camp Sealth and Mt. Rainier Institute.
  • ESTEM storylines: Funding to help teachers take release time and to attend trainings for E-STEM storylines. This allows teachers to come together to collaborate and work on new curriculum.
  • Multimedia class and equipment: Enabling purchase of cameras, tripods, digital recorders for use by the MS Multimedia class and by anyone in the school. In class, students make websites, films, podcasts and more. A student from the class has a photograph going on to the national level for the PTA Reflections contest. Also, equipment is used for documenting special events at school and teachers’ work.

Thank you to our community for your support and making these incredible E-STEM programs possible for our school. The Hazel Wolf Online Auction is currently open and closes on Sunday, April 5th at 9:00pm. To make a donation or to participate in the online auction, go to:

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