HW PTSA Supports Music Education: Featuring Ms. Burnett

Ms. Burnett, Hazel Wolf Drama & Music Teacher

Here is Hazel Wolf’s Drama & Elementary Music Teacher– Ms. Burnett. She’s going to share with you how her music program has benefited by supporting funds from the PTSA.

Key Highlights:
Ms. Burnett came to Hazel Wolf eight years ago and was in charge of starting the brand new music program—but she didn’t have any instruments!

Over the years, she has been able to purchase xylophones, drums, tambourines and many kinds of classroom instruments through music grants from the PTSA. More recently, Ms. Burnett was able to purchase a whole classroom set of ukuleles with outside funding plus support of PTSA funding. She looks forward to teaching ukulele to the students soon!

While district funds can only go so far, this shows how support from PTSA funds can help our teachers and staff create stronger programs and bring more enriching experiences to every student in our school community.

Thank you for your support of our online auction going on now. You can go to hazelwolf2020.ggo.bid to make a donation and to bid/buy auction items. The online auction closes on Sunday, April 5th at 9:00pm.

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