How PTSA Supports Classroom Learning: Featuring Ms. Cater, 1st Grade Teacher

Ms. Cater, Hazel Wolf 1st Grade Teacher

Hey Wolf Pack! Today you get to see Ms. Cater, one of our 1st grade teachers, as she shares the two main ways PTSA classroom grants have impacted her students. Thank you Ms. Cater for sharing your experience!

Key highlights:

  • Supplemental math materials such as games, hands on activities and online subscriptions that are highly engaging and motivate students. Also, the materials help her further differentiate teaching to the wide range of math learners in the classroom.
  • Update and expand her classroom library each year to provide a range of narratives that reflects and mirrors her students’ stories and creates a cohesive community of learners.

    Thank you to our community for your support! Donations to the PTSA provide classroom teachers like Ms. Cater the ability to witness the impact of these kind of resources on their students each year.

    The Hazel Wolf Online Auction is currently open and runs until Sunday, April 5th at 9:00pm.

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