Our HW Tutoring Program Supported by PTSA

Camille Mulchi, Hazel Wolf K-8 Tutor

While the Hazel Wolf Online Auction is open this week, we’ll be posting videos of some of our incredible Hazel Wolf staff, as they share how their programs and classrooms are supported by contributions from the Hazel Wolf K-8 PTSA.

Today we bring you a message from Camille Mulchi, on behalf of the Hazel Wolf K-8 Tutors.
Check out Camille’s video if you want to understand the importance of the tutoring program at Hazel Wolf and why additional funding support by the PTSA is vital to the program.

Key highlights from Camille Mulchi’s message:
While nothing about this spring semester has been even close to “normal”… Here’s what we do know about a “normal” year: Generally 20% of Hazel Wolf students need more than classroom instruction in reading. What Hazel Wolf is trying to do is support these students with evidence-based, proven-successful reading intervention. Arguably the biggest way is tutors.

Tutors support our students and our teachers.
Tutors facilitate small group reading intervention to help build those critical skills.
Tutors sometimes work one-on-one with students—cultivating those trusted relationships and celebrating them, as they uncover their academic gifts and realize just how brilliant they’ve always been.

The Hazel Wolf K-8 PTSA contributes anywhere from $12-$14,000 per year from its operating budget to support tutoring efforts at Hazel Wolf. By participating in the online auction going on NOW, you can help support our students who need—and thrive—with these extra services, these extra moments, with tutors who can support their learning.

Thank you, Wolf Pack, for your consideration.

The Hazel Wolf Online Auction is currently open and runs until Sunday, April 5th at 9:00pm.

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