Another Food Drive Update

Food Drive will be ongoing until at least April 15th. 

Help support Hazel Wolf families with food support over the emergency school closure by grocery shopping for pantry staples, toilet paper, bleach, and long-shelf-life produce. Amazon delivery is currently backed-up, and we are hoping to deliver groceries next week and multiple times throughout the closure.

Please consider purchasing long-life produce such as apples, oranges, bananas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, onions etc…

Please plan on delivering produce on Wednesday, 3/18 or Thursday, 3/19 to ensure freshness.

We would like to be able to deliver toilet paper and bleach or Clorox, as well. We also still need pantry staples: peanut butter, rice, dried and canned black, pinto, & kidney, garbanzo beans, pancake mix, pasta sauce, canned or boxed soup, milk in aseptic containers, cereal, crackers, bars, tortillas etc…

Please sign up so we know what to expect: Please email Tracy at: for drop-off location address.

Also, if you are unable to purchase groceries yourself, but you want to help– parent volunteer, Kelly Page, is willing to buy groceries on your behalf. If interested, please contact Kelly at Venmo: Kelly Page@Kelly-Page-21. These groceries will be packed up with other donations.

We’ll update everyone with future asks and delivery dates as we continue to assess needs. Thank you!

Please email Tracy at: with any questions or if your family could use extra support during this time.

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