Special Bulletin from Principal Nelsen, Mar. 11

This message was emailed by Principal Nelsen to the school on March 11, 2020, 6pm:

Dear Hazel Wolf K-8 Families:

In light of the announcement today about our school district closure, we want to make sure we are doing our part to ensure our community feels supported during this unprecedented time. School administration and PTSA volunteers are working together to gather information about this new situation, and what resources are available:

  • The school has access to some limited funds to help with basic food needs, medicine for sick children, and even basic utilities if a family member isn’t able to work.  If your family, or if you can identify a family who you know has this immediate need, please contact Debbie Nelsen directly at dnelsen@seattleschools.org.
  • The PTSA is revising our plan for the spring food drive and focusing on coordinating food donations to support families during the emergency school closure.
  • The PTSA is also offering to support our community by connecting families with childcare needs with families who are able to provide childcare for others.
  • We are also in contact with local businesses and agencies to accept donations of food, gift cards, and other items to share with our community.

To help us connect requests for help with offers to provide help, please complete this survey and a volunteer will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

To continue to stay informed during the school closure, we recommend you consider signing up for the PTSA blog for email updates. Go to: http://www.hazewolfk8.org and click on the “Follow” button on the right side. If you are a Facebook user, the Hazel Wolf Community Facebook group and class groups are a great place to connect with other families. (links to Facebook groups can be found on the Stay Connected page)

This is a time of social distancing, not a time of social isolation. We will continue to help our community support each other, because that is what we do at Hazel Wolf.

We appreciate and welcome any feedback, questions and ideas.


Debbie Nelsen, Principal, Hazel Wolf K-8 and
Adrienne Kortas, President, Hazel Wolf K-8 PTSA

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