Hazel Wolf Food Drive Update – extended to April 15

Due to the school closure, PTSA Family Support volunteers have streamlined how you can support the Hazel Wolf Food Drive. Hopefully one of these options will work for you:

  • An Amazon wish list has been set up that anyone can use to order a shipment between now and March 31st April 15th. Orders will be shipped to one of our volunteers, Kara Dowidar, and from there, donations will be packed up and delivered.
  • Also another volunteer, Kelly Page, is willing to buy groceries on your behalf with your contribution. If interested, please contact Kelly at kelly.page @hotmail.com. Venmo: Kelly Page@Kelly-Page-21. These groceries will be packed up with other donations.
  • If you prefer to do your own shopping, you can arrange drop offs with Kara Dowidar at: karamaramia@yahoo.com

Sign up to receive food: If you would like to sign up to receive food, please email Tracy Buckingham, PTSA Family Support: familysupport@hazelwolfk8.org. The hope is to do at least two separate food deliveries. The food drive program will contact you to arrange pick up or delivery information.

Thank you everyone for working together and supporting each other during the school closure.

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