Game Night – Thursday, Jan. 30

Play with Purpose at Hazel Wolf’s Game Night on Thursday, Jan. 30th from 6-7:30 p.m.

We’ve all had the pleasure of learning from books and teachers, practicing our skills on paper and laptops, and listening to an engaging speaker, but sometimes it’s better to have an active, playful role in learning. All of our teachers have powerful and diverse toolboxes of learning resources that they call upon daily.

During Game Night we invite the Hazel Wolf community to join us to experience some of our dynamic, hands-on, game-based learning tools. Each grade level will present games and activities that they use to ‘gamify’ learning. Gaming can be a great way to address any subject and involve kids in fun, interactive learning. Our teachers (and their helpful students) will show you how we can ‘play with purpose’ as we continue to learn.

Math ‘n’ Stuff, the fabulous game store in Maple Leaf, will also bring many games to play. They’ll also have new games available for purchase.

Bring your favorite games! What are the learning games you play at home? Bring them in to teach other kids! We will have an area set aside in the Cafetorium for families to bring in games from home that address the ‘play with purpose’ theme. We welcome games that teach words, math, science, history, logic, engineering, communication, or deductive reasoning. If you do bring in a game or two, make sure it’s clearly labeled with your name. Also, be prepared to spend 20-30 minutes with your game, teaching and playing with other interested kids. 

We need volunteers! We are looking for volunteers to help set up, and clean up during Game Night. Sign up online. Questions? Email Joe Fogarty.

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