Extending inclusion and learning values into the Hazel Wolf lunchroom

“Food functions as a universal language, illustrating the history and culture of the place it represents while opening minds, raising awareness and encouraging diversity. And in teaching kids about other countries, many turn to food, leading young minds on a path of empathy and tolerance.”  ~Caring Magazine- Vivian Gatica Lopez

Imagine you’re a kid at lunchtime, finally getting to talk and laugh with your friends. Then someone says your favorite food, that your mom made and packed for you, smells funny or looks gross. It’s food from your family’s country and culture. You and your family love it.

At Hazel Wolf, we work to honor and celebrate our differences, and to foster an atmosphere of learning  and inclusion. These values extend into our lunchroom. No student should feel embarrassed or ashamed by others’ reactions to the contents of their lunches, but that has happened, and that’s not good for anyone. We want all of our students to be able to relax and enjoy lunch free from judgment. Sure, children can be curious about food that they have never seen, smelled, or tasted before, but their curiosity should be friendly, respectful, and kind.

Parents and caregivers, you can help... by talking to your children about respecting differences and practicing empathy. You can expose children to different cuisines, talk about food culture around the world, experiment together in the kitchen, and visit one of our neighborhood’s many wonderful international restaurants.

Another fun opportunity… talk, eat, and learn together at our Multicultural Potluck, Wednesday, October 16, 6:00-8:00pm in the Hazel Wolf Cafetorium. This PTSA event was a tremendous success last year—loads of families and lots of incredible food from around the world!

Food is a wonderful portal into learning about different cultures, and a meaningful way to “break bread” for conversation and understanding. We hope the Potluck will inspire your student to try new foods and make new friends. We hope to see you and your family Wednesday, October 16 at Hazel Wolf School!

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