Thank you Zylberschtein’s for Supporting 1st Grader’s Annual Food Day

Our 1st graders recently had their Annual Food Day Event and would love to thank Zylberschtein’s Deli & Bakery for their support!

First graders wrapped up their Farm to Table E-Stem Unit last week with their Annual Food Day. At this event, first graders make jam and butter to experience food production. This year, first graders were able to experience bagel-making with local support from Zylberschtein’s Deli & Bakery! Owner Josh Grunig came to Hazel Wolf and taught all three first grade classes about bagel-making. Then, students made bagels for our picnic! Students were thrilled to experience this process with Josh and enjoyed eating over 200 mini-bagels, all donated by Zylberschtein’s. What a great community supporter! Thanks Zylberschtein’s!!



Photo credit: Kristen Cater

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