New Afterschool Class: Art Wizards – Starts Tues, Sept. 11

Information about this opportunity went home via Kidmail last week. You can also sign up online at or contact Veronica at

Art Wizards – Tuesdays from 3:35-4:45, $165, 9/11 to 10/23

In Art Wizards, kids learn to draw the things that kids find exciting. The most important part of learning to draw is learning to see. Many adults never developed that skill. Most teens, too. And all elementary students regardless of age need these skills. That’s where we start. We give them all the information they need to be successful, but not so much that we stifle their imagination or limit their opportunities. They learn that a problem can have more than one solution, that small changes can have a big effect, and that there is more than one way to look at the world around them. With consistent and ongoing practice throughout the school year, our students are amazed at the progress they make. Projects include fish, birds and animals of all kinds, people, landscapes, still life, mythical creatures, movie characters and cartoons. We show them how to break down a scene or character so it comes out looking like what they intended. We show them how easy it can be when they know how to use chalk and oil pastels, when it’s better to use colored pencils and where markers and watercolor fit in. It’s easy! It’s exciting! It’s rewarding! And it has a super-positive effect on all other subjects.

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