Free Electronics Recycling on Apr. 27

Happy Earth Day, Wolfpack!

In honor of Earth Day, Hazel Wolf K-8 will be collecting your used and broken electronics, otherwise known as e-waste. A free pickup or eCycling event has been arranged with 3R Technologies for Friday, April 27 at 12:00 p.m. Drop off your items in the main office any time before then.

Items that will be accepted:

  • TVs & monitors – LCD and plasma
  • Computers & laptops
  • Servers & networking equipment
  • All printers, fax machines and scanners
  • AV equipment (DVD/VHS/stereo units)
  • UPS battery backups
  • Telecom equipment & cell phones
  • Keyboards and mice
  • Parts, peripherals, cables, etc.
  • Microwaves, too!

Why are we doing this?
To highlight the importance of proper disposal of the tons of e-waste that fills our landfills daily as well as pass on any items that are gently used to those in need.

Here are the benefits of eCycling:

  • Conserves natural resources. Recycling recovers valuable materials from old electronics that can be used to make new products. As a result, we save energy, reduce pollution, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and save resources by extracting fewer raw materials from the earth.
  • Protects your surroundings. Safe recycling of outdated electronics promotes sound management of toxic chemicals such as lead and mercury.
  • Helps others. Donating your used electronics benefits your community by passing on ready-to-use or refurbished equipment to those who need it.
  • Create jobs. eCycling creates jobs for professional recyclers and refurbishers and creates new markets for the valuable components that are dismantled.
  • Saves landfill space. E-waste is a growing waste stream. By recycling these items, landfill space is conserved.

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