Our Condolences

On behalf of the Hazel Wolf K-8 PTSA, I want to say how incredibly sorry we are for the loss of Yosiyas. To his family, his friends, his classmates, his teachers, now and across the years, please know our hearts and thoughts are with you. It’s clear that Yosiyas has had a profound impact on our entire community. We have all been touched and feel his loss.

We are reminded of how intertwined all of our students are—it’s one of the true benefits of our K-8. Our kids grow together from the time they are small through middle school. Our big kids are buddies with our smaller kids. They all know each other, we are all connected, and during times like this we all want to help.

I know some families are currently looking for ways to support the Zigta family. If you are able to help, please consider donating to the gofundme which has been created to support expenses their family may have during this time.



Kim Steffensmeier, and all of our PTSA Board Members

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