Letter from Principal Nelsen – March 14 Walk Out

This is a reprint of an email sent to all Hazel Wolf K-8 families on March 9, 2018.

Dear Hazel Wolf K-8 Families,

By now you may have heard about plans for a national student walkout on March 14th at 10:00 AM for 17 minutes to protest gun violence in schools. Many students across Seattle and the nation are planning to participate. At Hazel Wolf K-8, a number of middle school students are organizing and preparing signs to carry.

While this is not a school sponsored event, middle school students who do wish to participate on March 14th will be allowed to exit their classes at 9:50 AM and meet near the field to give a couple of speeches prior to walking for 17 minutes around the campus. Note that these speeches may not be appropriate for younger students as we are not censoring them. Students will not be marked absent as long as they stay on campus, follow safety rules and return to class immediately at the end of the 17-minute period. Students who do not wish to participate may stay in the classroom. Our administration will provide support and has worked with the students to assure they are safe during this walkout.

Elementary students will not be allowed to walk out on their own, but must have a parent sign them out, or provide written permission for another parent to sign them out. If you plan to sign them out, please contact the front office by the end of Tuesday, so we can have them in the office waiting for you. If you wait until you Wednesday at 9:45, we cannot promise we can call them from class in time.

Since teachers must stay in the classroom, we are asking for parent volunteers to help monitor the sidewalk. Administrators and other staff will also be on hand, monitoring students. If you are interested in helping out, be in front of the building at 10:00 am when students start walking and disperse yourselves throughout the crowd.

Thank you,

Debbie Nelsen
Principal, Hazel Wolf K-8

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