Latest Auction News and Updates!

1. The morning CURBSIDE collection for WINE has been EXTENDED until Friday the 16th! Bring your bottles valued at $15 and up to the parent volunteer stationed on the sidewalk. There will ALSO be a parent volunteer to collect wine at the 7 p.m. shows of SEUSSICAL Jr. on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!

2. There are still a TON of volunteers spots open for the day and night of the auction Please take a look at the online volunteer signup list to see if you could help with any available spots!

3. Do you have an awesome DESSERT recipe you would like to share? We still need folks to sign up for desserts for the dessert dash, Please contact and with any questions and what you would like to contribute! Desserts can also be delivered or picked up the night before the auction. If that works, let us know.

4. Look on Facebook (and also above) for sneak peeks of the classroom projects, all this week and next!

5. Also check out these two amazing trips, the first to Iceland AND the second to Napa Valley. These are just two of the AWESOME things to bid on at the auction this year!

****ICELAND!!! Did you know you can stop over in Iceland when flying to Europe for no additional cost? This year we are offering a trip for two adults for five nights in the heart of Reykjavik at the Fosshotel, 16 stories with magnificent views of the city and bay. Package includes a day tour of Þingvellir National Park and Gullfoss Waterfall Tour, as well as an outing to view the majestic Northern Lights Tour. This trip is not to be missed! This package can be upgraded for additional nights and people for additional fees.

****NAPA VALLEY!! This exclusive Napa experience is designed by a local host (limit 6 adults), who will be showing you around (in a Land Rover) and recommending wineries and experiences like they would for a good friend. Enjoy a full day experience focusing on small production, family-owned wineries in Napa Valley. We have hand selected three to four highly recommended wineries that are special for their commitment to the environment, science and technology – all things we love and appreciate at Hazel Wolf! Each participating winery is offering a private experience for up to six adults.

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