Spring Ultimate Frisbee Info

Hazel Wolf K-8 continues its amazing turnout for Ultimate Frisbee at both the elementary and middle school levels.

Information for Middle Schoolers:


All Hazel Wolf middle schoolers are invited to play co-ed Ultimate frisbee!

If you are new to Ultimate, click here to learn more about the sport. Also, click here to read about the Sprit of the Game.

In the spring, Ultimate is not a school district sport, but the Hazel Wolf community has a strong tradition of playing ultimate – both through DiscNW’s organized leagues and tournaments, and less formally after school or on weekends.

This spring there is a small group of parent volunteers coordinating some recreational and competitive activities, as follows:


Kent Koth will host pick-up Ultimate at Maple Leaf park on Saturdays starting March 17. All are welcome, but Kent needs contact information to coordinate. Please contact Kent if interested / for more information: 206-617-2882; kentkoth@gmail.com.

There may also be some after-school pick-up opportunities on Mondays and Wednesdays at Pinehurst Park – we have the field reserved and are looking for a parent/guardian who can commit to hosting that activity! Please contact Kent if you can help: 206-617-2882; kentkoth@gmail.com.


Kevin Rack will coach a limited-roster, competitive team in DiscNW’s Spring League (starting March 10), and if invited to participate, Spring Reign tournament (April 28-29).

Information for 3rd-5th Graders:

Download the registration form

We have changed a few things this year for 3rd–5th graders. Here are the basics:

  • We are not playing with Disc NW league. This means no Saturday games.
  • We will be playing intramural style (an in-house league) with one day of practice (Tues) and of one of games (Thurs) each week after school. (Teams to be determined)

What: Elementary Ultimate Frisbee 3rd – 5th Graders

Who: Any 3rd-5th graders who sign up. Coaches: Malcolm Hooper, Kara Dowidar and Craig Guyer with more volunteers as needed.

When: Practices/games Tuesday and Thursday, 3:30-5pm, starting March 13 – May 3 (no practice/games spring break week)

Where: Practice/games: Pinehurst field

Extras: We hope to travel a few times to Greenlake or other to schools to play against elementary teams. We will need help with carpools to make this happen on practice days.


  • We will walk players to and from the Pinehurst play field. Pick up is at 4:50 at Pinehurst Playfield or at school by 5pm. (sharp please)
  • If your student has permission to leave the field or school without the group please let us know or we will not let them go.
  • Cleats recommended but not required.
  • School provides jerseys for games.
  • Cost $5 payable to PTSA. Scholarships are available. (covers equipment costs)

Fill out and turn in the registration form to the school office.

Volunteering: Please contact any of the coaches if you are interested or able to help out.

  • Coaches: We have reached out to Ingraham for help with coaching. Depending on how many kids register we may need more parent help. MS or other HS students are great helpers as well if you know any that might be interested. It counts as volunteer time. If we have loads of kids we will need more adults.
  • Team Manager: To organize an email list and handle some seasonal communications.
  • Carpool Coordinator: Help find rides or organize carpools as needed.

A Last Note:
We are developing this program at HW because Ultimate is a fabulous sport for kids of all ages to play. Although it is an after-school activity, it is for kids who want to learn about and build their skill in Ultimate Frisbee.

These are the basics. Please let Malcolm, Craig or Kara know if you have any questions.

Malcolm Hooper, HW 3rd grade parent (hooper.malcolm@gmail.com)
Kara Dowidar, HW 4th grade parent (karamaramia@yahoo.com)
Craig Guyer, HW 5th grade parent (castlewalls@hotmail.com)

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