Read-A-Thon – Log Those Minutes!

The Hazel Wolf Read-A-Thon is off and running. Students set reading goals and find family, neighbors or friends to sponsor them. The reading continues through November 26. It’s not too late to get started if you forgot!

How much can students read? How much money can they raise?
The top participating class gets donuts.
The top readers get free books.
The top fundraisers get to choose an activity with Ms. Fournier.

Also check out this possible format for email:

Dear ______,
My school, Hazel Wolf K-8, is having a Read-A-Thon. I have set a goal to read ___ minutes every day for 2 weeks (November 13-26). Could you please sponsor me for reaching my goal? You could pledge single amount of $20-50 or fund each day I meet my goal. How about $3 a day?
The money I raise will go toward our school field trips, books for our library and special projects that make our environmental STEM school extra fun and exciting!
I will contact you after the 26th to let you know how much I read.
Thanks for supporting me in reading.

Turn all funds and paperwork in to the Library by December 1!

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