Box Tops Wanted!

The first mail-in deadline for Box Tops is November 1!

Your HWK-8 PTSA fundraising team is hard at work bundling box tops to mail off before November 1. If you’ve been waiting to send them in, wait no more! Some box tops expire on November 1 and we won’t be able to submit them.

Hazel Wolf earns 10 cents for every Box Top for Education. Not sure what to do? Box tops don’t need to be perfectly clipped, but they do need to be current. Expired box tops aren’t accepted. Rubber band or place them in a sandwich bag. Drop them off in the box in the front office. Easy!

Wondering what products have Box Tops on them? Check out this list:

Help us reach $300 before November 1. We’ve already bundled $110 worth—let’s keep the momentum going. Questions? Contact Box Tops lead, Alex at

Thanks for your support!

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