We Need Your Help! Calling All Volunteers

Please sign up to help out with these current volunteer needs:

Curriculum Night Volunteers
Curriculum Night is this Thursday, September 28, and we need your help! Please sign up to assist with the dinner that will be provided by the PTSA.

Literacy Night Lead
This fun event on November 14 supports and encourages a community of Hazel Wolf readers through the appreciation of famous authors. Participants get to wear their jammies, bring pillows, stuffies, or blankets and listen to stories read by middle schoolers and Ms. Nelsen.

Read-a-Thon Lead
This annual fundraiser is a great way to directly involve our students in raising money for their school and encourage the love of reading.

2 thoughts on “We Need Your Help! Calling All Volunteers

  1. Please list the dates or time lines for these (and future) events in the message, so we can work our scheduling to to help out when we can:). Thanks for all your help in organizing!


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