First Week Forms – Ready for Download!

Thanks for your patience! The school forms—mandatory and optional, as well as important school/PTSA and district information—are now available for download at They’re form-fillable, meaning you can fill them in on your computer, save them, and email them to without printing a single piece of paper (yay for saving trees!). Or you can print them out, fill them in by hand and deliver them to the office or return via Kidmail if that’s easier. (There will also be an option for you to request printouts to be sent home with your child(ren) if you prefer—keep a lookout for a signup form in Kidmail soon.)

The office is hoping for all forms for each child to be returned to them either by email or by hard copy within the next couple of weeks. We appreciate your cooperation, as this is a big coordination effort to try to conserve resources and save you time!

The forms are designed so that the recurring fields (student name, for example) fill in on all forms automatically. Please forgive us if we missed a form field or two—there were a lot of fields to create and test. This is definitely a parent-led, volunteer effort, so we appreciate your patience as we roll out these forms and other communications tools to try to make things easier for you all!

Who is this person creating these fillable forms, you ask? Well, I should probably introduce myself! I’m Hana Rubin, your PTSA Marketing & Communications Coordinator. You’ve probably seen my name pop up on the PTSA website, too. I have a 3rd grader who has been at Hazel Wolf since 1st grade, as well as a 2.5-year-old. I work in operations/communications at a nonprofit foundation, and my husband is a 5th grade teacher in Kenmore.

You can reach me at, or just comment on any of the posts on this website and you’ll hear back from me, too!

Welcome to the new school year, everyone!

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