School Traffic Safety Update

The SDOT (Seattle Department of Transportation) has slowly been implementing school traffic safety improvements around our school. SDOT is building out the corner southwest of school for pedestrian safety along Pinehurst Way and to better direct and control traffic headed west on NE 115th. The project was originally planned to be finished before the opening of the new school building, but is now scheduled to be finished this spring before school gets out.

Last month a representative from SDOT met with Debbie Nelsen and a few of the parents who have been working on school traffic safety to talk about other improvements. SDOT budget is now secured for the following projects:

  • A push-button flashing beacon at the 15th Ave NE and NE 115th St crosswalk (summer 2017).
  • Speed humps on all streets around school (117th particularly) to get drivers to slow to 20 mph (summer 2017)
  • A push-button flashing beacon at the Roosevelt Way NE and NE 117th St crosswalk (date TBD). SDOT is coordinating with a repaving job that’s planned for late 2017, so the project will be scheduled after that.
  • Sidewalks on NE 115th and 12th Ave NE are likely still at least a year or two away, and are being coordinated with Seattle Public Utilities projects. Topographical surveys are being completed by SDOT now.

Here’s how you can help with school traffic safety:

  • Congestion around the school is dangerous because, without sidewalks, children and vehicles must share the road. Please consider walking or bicycling to school, rather than driving. If you need to drive, please consider parking a little further away and walking in to reduce congestion.
  • HWK-8 parents will be advocating to keep funding for both of our crossing guards next year. The crossing guards keep a tally of the number of pedestrians they help safely cross the street (on Wednesdays), and the school district bases their funding decisions (in part) on those tallies. If you are in the walk zone and have been driving, please consider walking more and using the crossing guards so that they can continue to be available to keep students safe.

A note of appreciation to our crossing guards, Rita and Elizabeth, for keeping our kids safe when crossing Pinehurst Way at 115th, and Roosevelt Way at 117th.

If you’d like to help with school traffic safety or have questions, please contact Tabitha Burns ( and Karla Smith-Jones (

One thought on “School Traffic Safety Update

  1. Given that bussing will be dropped for the Eckstein zone kids next year, I would assume there will be many more cars and the Eckstein crowd lives farther away, making biking and walking less practical.


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