Auction FAQ: But What Can I Donate?

Looking for ideas of what to donate? Here are a few:

  • Do you own your own business? Donating to the auction is a great way to promote it to the Hazel Wolf Community through a gift certificate or an event donated.
  • Season Ticket Holder? Offer to take someone to a game, or turn over a set of tickets. Or ask your employer to donate box seats for a really ‘big ticket’ item! Performing arts tickets are great, too!
  • Are you an athletic or social club member? Next time you go in to use the gym or take your kid to soccer, ask your club who to talk to about donating a membership or special event to the auction. Most clubs give more easily when asked by an existing member.
  • Favorite kids camps/summer camps? Does your child love a particular camp, after school program or fun activity? Chances are other families would love it, too!

And don’t forget the WINE for the very popular wine grab, and on the night of the auction we need DESSERTS for the Dessert Dash!

If you need more copies of the procurement forms or donation letter head to the auction website.

All donations need to be turned in by Friday, March 10, 2017. Please bring all donations and forms into the office. Contact Bre Holt with any questions you might have regarding procurement at

Photo by K.A. Moore

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