Updated: Ways to Keep Track of School/PTSA Events

Updated January 2017

Your PTSA is working to make it easier for you to get the information you need to keep up on what’s happening at Hazel Wolf K-8. One of the new tools we created this year is the PTSA calendar of events, which is built and updated in Google Calendar. If you are a Google Calendar user, you can simply add the PTSA calendar to your Google Calendar, and it will display all HWK-8 events for you. To add this calendar, click the “+Google Calendar” button below:

Or, you can use the following address to access your calendar from other applications. You can copy and paste this into any calendar product that supports the iCal format:

Online calendaring not your thing? You also have the choice to download and print this one-page, full-year calendar for handy reference!

Download the calendar (PDF) »

While we have done our best to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information on this printable calendar, dates are of course subject to change. We encourage you to occasionally check the PTSA events calendar for the latest information.

Questions? Comments? Feedback? Email us at marcom@hazelwolfk8.org.

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