Is Your Job Related to E-STEM? Volunteer for Career Day, Jan. 18!

E-STEM (Environmental Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers are increasingly in high demand, especially in a high-tech city like Seattle. Students are often unaware of the paths they can take, even starting in elementary or middle school, that would lead them to an E-STEM-related career. They may not know what career options exist, or they might not understand what steps they can take now to start them in the right direction.

E-STEM Career Day is on Wednesday, January 18, and we are seeking people who work in E-STEM to engage students in presentations, workshops and projects. Submit this online form if you have expertise in an E-STEM-related field. Also, we are looking for parent volunteers to support the day—hospitality for the presenters and supporting event logistics. Sign up to help out!

Questions? Email or call E-STEM Coordinator, Joe Bailey-Fogarty ( or 206.252.4621).

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