It’s Almost Read-a-thon!

It’s nearly time for our 4th annual Hazel Wolf Read-a-thon!

What is it: A fundraiser without selling anything. Instead, we will promote our school’s goal of a love for reading.

Who: all Hazel Wolf K-8 students

How it works:

  • Look for a packet in Kidmail on Oct 7th with all the details (the Rules, a Sponsorship form, and a minute recording sheet).
  • Your student will set a daily “minutes read” goal and ask people to sponsor them by pledging (for their reading goal or a flat donation). Relatives, neighbors, and friends make great sponsors!
  • Kids read, read, read (and record minutes) October 14th to 28th. Students and classes will be winning great prizes for the most minutes read, so read as much as possible!
  • Your student will add up their minutes, collect any outstanding pledge money from the sponsors and bring the collected money to school. Donations and minute recording sheets received by November 7th will qualify for prizes.
  • Not a reader yet? That’s OK. Reading or being read to count too. Read to yourself, a parent, a friend, a sibling, a stuffed animal, or a pet. Get everyone in on the fun and get reading!

What we ask of parents:

  • Please initial your student’s recorded time each day.
  • Encourage your student to read, read, and read (and read to them).
  • Review the rules with your students so that he/she knows what kind of reading minutes count. (Homework reading counts! Reading during class time does not!)
  • Remind your kids to track their reading every day! Missed the first day? Don’t worry, it’s OK to start late!
  • We will send reminders, so please relax, talk to your student about the Read-a-thon and most importantly help your student have fun reading!

Please check the Friends of Hazel Wolf K-8 Facebook page for ideas and reminders.

Key Dates:

  • October 10 – Start collecting sponsor pledges/donations.
  • October 14 – Start reading!
  • October 28 – Last day of Read-a-thon.
  • October 31 – Students turn in their Official Minute Recording Sheets.
  • November 7 – Last day that minutes & donations will count for fundraising prizes.

You can make Read-a-thon contributions online at: 

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