Reminder to Turn In Comfort Packs by Tomorrow (Sept. 26)

As part of routine preparation for emergencies (earthquakes, severe snow storms, etc.), classrooms need to have an emergency supply of food and drink for each child. Please use a gallon Ziploc bag and fill it with items selected from the list below. You will need to adjust the quantities based on the age/needs of your child. For food and drink, remember that the expiration date should be after June 2017.

Please label the gallon sized bag with your child’s first and last name in permanent marker, seal it securely, and return it to their homeroom teacher (middle school students should return to their advisory room) by Monday, September 26. The Comfort Pack will be placed in a storage barrel in your child’s classroom. The storage barrel also contains supplies and other emergency items for the class. At the end of the school year your bag will be returned home with your child.

Suggested Packing List

  • Juice box/beverage (the school has emergency water)
  • Granola/cereal bar/cracker package/rice cakes
  • Dried fruit/trail mix/raisins
  • Packet of tissues
  • Pair of warm socks
  • Pair of stretch gloves (optional)
  • Stretch hat (optional)
  • Note/photo from home (optional)
  • Small comfort item (optional, recommended for smaller children)
  • Feminine hygiene products (optional, recommended for middle school girls)

The Hazel Wolf K-8 Safety Committee will also be providing Comfort Packs to students unable to provide one from home. If you would like to donate extra non-food items (i.e., socks, gloves, hats, tissue) for these comfort packs, please bring items to Ms. Hunstiger’s office by September 26. Thank you!

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