Crossing Guard Recruitment Continues

Seattle Public Schools and Hazel Wolf K-8 are still recruiting candidates to fill an adult crossing guard position at a major intersection adjacent to the school. School is in session and this walking route is quite busy, so the need to fill this paid position is urgent. Any interested applicants should contact Yvonne Carpenter, SPS Field Staff Lead, by calling 206-252-0907, or email

Families can help by spreading the word to anyone they know who might be interested, and posting the attached flier at local businesses. Do you know someone who might be interested in a paid position? A grandparent, a retired neighbor or friend, a college student, or other adult with availability in the morning and afternoons?

This summer, some HWK-8 parents advocated for adult crossing guards with Seattle Public Schools and the Seattle Schools Traffic Safety Committee. The committee agreed to fund two crossing guard positions but asked for the school community’s help in recruiting candidates. HWK-8 families distributed flyers and spread the word online, and the community continues its search for candidates.

To date, one person has been hired and is being trained for one of the two positions, but the other position is still vacant with no candidates. Please help spread the word for this second position.

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