Register for After School Enrichment Courses ASAP – Classes Start Monday, Sept. 19

If you’re planning to register your kid(s) in any onsite after school enrichment courses, please register as soon as possible, especially if you’re interested in any of the following classes (these classes may get cancelled in enrollment doesn’t go up):

  • Monday: Mixing Up Mythology (Creative Writing), All Sport, Indoor Campfire
  • Tuesday: Chess Club
  • Wednesday: Dragon Style Kung Fu (2x/week, also on Fridays), Origami, Kids Carpentry Session 2 (4:30-5:30) (FYI – Hip Hop has already been cancelled)
  • Thursday: Drama
  • Friday: Yoga, Upcycled Crafting

If the two-day-a-week format is keeping you from registering for the Kung Fu class, call the Hazel Wolf Site Coordinator, Andrea, at 206-465-7064 (and leave a message if you can’t reach her directly). Let her know if you would register for a once-a-week version this session, and if so, whether you would do Wednesday or Friday. Andrea is seeing whether they can get it split for this fall.

Online registration is available through the Seattle Parks and Recreation SPARC system. When you’re there, click on Child & Out of School Time on the left and then you can select Hazel Wolf from the dropdown menu in the upper right corner.

You can also go to any Seattle Community Center and register in person, or call 206-386-4283.

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