A New Option for Sending in Your First Week Packet Info

If you are like many parents, filling out all the back-to-school forms can be a huge hassle. Writing the same info, over and over again, for each child, can be one of the most tedious parts of the new school year. In an effort to streamline the process for all involved and cut down on paper use, your PTSA has created fillable forms that you can complete and email to a dedicated staff email address that will receive your paperwork. Many fields will even autofill!

Visit the school website to download the packets. The packet materials are organized in four batches. One contains the forms that are mandatory for all students. One contains forms that pertain to many, but not all families – please look carefully through this batch and fill out the pages that apply to you. One batch contains important info to read, but nothing to fill out. The final batch includes PTSA and school specific info that you may want to fill out and return.

For the district forms, save the completed documents and email them to HazelWolf.Forms@seattleschools.org. Next year, you can update and resend the same document!

You can also join the PTSA online, and update your school directory info at the same time. If you would prefer, you can also share your directory/contact info via our Family Registration Form. Both methods are secure and we won’t sell or share your contact info.

Every student will receive a hard copy of the packet home via kidmail by the end of the week. Please choose whichever method is most comfortable for you to complete and return this important information that we need to best serve your family.

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